Feminism: The Movement Of Low Hanging Fruit.

Feminists from all over the world are cheering 2014 as the year that feminism was heard. Citing such events as pop culture icon Beyonce dancing in front of a giant banner of feminism as a victory or the valiant fight against the horrible oppression of #manspreading. They cheered each other for successfully tarnishing a great scientist because they got butt hurt over a t-shirt he wore in #shirtgate. They claim Emma Watsons impassioned UN speech kicking off the #heforshe campaign as a victory for feminists who apparently want to wipe away the last 40 years of feminism’s vitriolic cries of “We can do it as good as a man” by demanding that men prostrate themselves before the altar of womanhood and solve women’s problems for them. Not to mention the whole #gamergate fiasco where feminists in true form lied and misrepresented an entire subculture which is arguably the most culturally diverse and inclusive group on the planet and thought they could win. These are just a few of the apparently horrendous issues of oppression faced by women today.

Someone being so rude as to say hello on the street is a far more important affront to womanhood than focusing on real issues because that would take actual work. They spend millions on making people believe that outright lies like women are never perpetrators of violence and that IPV and Rape are just caused by men reality and actual research be damned. They make a joke out of female sex offenders by sharing and laughing at things like “The 25 Sexiest Sex Offenders of 2014“.

Crickets could be heard from the majority of the feminist media regarding actual atrocities that are taking place. While they were whining about gamers and pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into making fun of gamers, ISIS released it’s price list for buying women and girls. which can be purchased for as low as $27 with the more expensive baby girls as young as 1 year old being able to fetch around $170 dollars. Where was the feminist outrage there. Nary a word spoken about Iraq working to pass a law that affects Iraq’s majority Shia population making marital rape legal and setting divorce rules for girls young as 9. These are just a few of the notable passed over or quickly forgot moments in 2014 that took second or less place behind the mentioned “oppression” that women face. When the well funded ovarian superiority club of feminism considers women drivers in Saudi Arabia being classified as Terrorist to be lower on the totem pole than oh let’s say whether or not Lego Friends toys are sexist oppression. Is it any wonder why Time Magazine originally listed Feminism as one of the worst words in 2014  in its poll? Thanks to Feminist bullying Time added an apology at the top of the article. This could explain why women are leaving the cause like rats on a sinking ship.

The feminist fallacy of patriarchal oppression in the western world is so successful that they are driving women away from their cause in droves because of it’s incessant irrational hypocrisies, misrepresentations of fact and straight out lies. They claim these dissenting women suffer from an thing called “Internalized Oppression“. They shoot for the stars but grasp for the low hanging fruit because focusing on real women’s issues instead of blaming men for all their first world problems would probably not bring in the same level of donations.

When feminists pick fights claiming microaggressive oppression over what are arguably trivial matters they do their opponents jobs for them. So with that in mind I look forward to seeing what horribly “degrading” and “oppressive” money grabs they come up with in 2015. I hope they are many because with each one they make the MRA cause more and more credible. They are correct 2014 was the year that feminism was heard and what it said was that they are so disconnected from reality as to be virtually meaningless and obsolete.

Until Next Time Courage



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